4 My Merles Creations is a family owned and operated Canadian business.  We began our adventure together in 2012 while discovering the need for quality made products in the canine sporting world that we were and continue to compete and train in. We started our sporting adventure agility and soon after discovered disc, dock and even obedience had a need for our products. Our two Blue Merle Australian Shepherds have been our inspiration into a world of everything dog. Our Aussies Marble and Carbon have official “Tester” titles here at 4 My Merles Creations and they take their jobs very seriously. We are happy to say if  it’s not good enough for our dogs, it’s not good enough for yours. We strive to provide quality homemade and retail products for all your training and competing needs.  Every order received is not just pulled off of a shelf.  All of our toys and leashes are custom made to your specifications.  This means it may take a little longer to get to you, but you know that quality and care was put into each and every order that goes out the door.

4 My Merles tug toys are meant to be used as an interactive toy between you and your dog.
We do not recommend allowing your dog to keep the toy after the interaction has finished.

Although we allow color picking on many of our toys, we reserve the right to choose any color selection for all items including but not limited to leashes, collars, and toys when the option is not given or selected. Pictures shown are only examples of products that have been made and may not represent the exact product, colors, fonts, and materials. Specific requests will be taken into consideration. Color descriptions may vary from the buyers opinion of that color.


Taken possession of her new klimb which arrived for her today 🐾 ... See MoreSee Less

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Sharing the Love. Way to go ... See MoreSee Less

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Small Business Give Back Raffle

This raffle will be for a Klimb (colour determined by winner). Shipping is winners responsibility.
This raffle is a little different. For every ticket you purchase, you provide the name of a Canadian business you know who might be in need of assistance during Covid19. That might be a dog training business, a groomer, a could be anything. Only the businesses listed from purchased tickets will be entered to win this donation.
From all tickets sold, $250 will be kept to cover the Klimb including taxes and the remaining $750 will be given to the winning business by etransfer immediately following the draw.

This will be a 50 spot item.
$20 each spot

Rules are as follows,

Payment is E-transfer only and can be sent to

You click on the comments and write “3 please, if you purchased three spots)(2 please, if two spots etc.)

List the numbers you would like to select and Admin will ad it to the top post. First come first serve for numbers.

This way I know to check for payment for how ever many spots you list.

Once all spots are purchased a draw will be made to determine the winner of the Klimb and then a draw to determine the winner of the donation money. All names both for the Klimb and the businesses named will go onto a wheel and spinning the wheel will determine the winner. We will not put our own business name into this draw.

Good Luck!

1.Lillie Ann DePratto
2.Renelle Leblanc Scott
3. Carla Antal
4 Andrea Ferguson Jones
5 Krista Rusk
6 Tammy Williams
7 Ainsley Stapleton
8 Gail Elksnitis
9 Chantelle Charlebois
10 Andrea Ferguson Jones
11 Pamela Bennett
12 Trish Belleghem
13 Tara Monahan
14 Cathie Barrett
15 Karalee Bell
16 Joyce Sayers
17 Samantha Pryce
18 Kim Stephenson
19 Nacho Bou
20 Andrea Ferguson Jones
21 Nickie Cowan
22 Suzanne Joy
23Lillie Ann DePratto
24 Shannon George
25 Stephanie Belanger
26 Linda Saab
27 Sam Kannegiesser
28 Sandy Macdavid
29 Liana Klohn
30 Nacho Bou
31 Katherine Hope
32 Vicki Crocker
33 Lillie Ann DePratto
34 Kim Stephenson
35Dee Culbert
36 Melissa Gillard
37 Gloria Mitchell
38 Barb Geoghegan
39Lillie Ann DePratto
40 Linda Saab
41 Tanya Gadoury
42 Alex Kristjansan
43 Jen Butler
44 Sue Kotlarek
45 Janet Porter
46 Vicki Crocker
47Lillie Ann DePratto
48 Gail Elksnitis
49 Kim Stephenson
50 Sarah Mairs
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Inspiration Saturday again! Although we closed the storefront we have been busy in the workshop with the online orders. Your pups still want to look good in their custom leashes and don’t forget a fun 4 My Merles tug toy to play with. #4mymerles #customdogleash #dogtugtoys #canadianmade ... See MoreSee Less

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With the world the way it is right now, more than ever we need to support small local businesses. For us, local really is global because you our customers are global. On our page we are going to start to mention a business that we either support, or maybe one we are looking to you to support because they are in your area. It won't always be a dog related businesses as there are so many great small businesses that need everyone's support. Today's small business mention is No Nuts About Us. This is certainly not dog related, but whats the next best thing to dogs...TREATS. Yes No Nuts About Us is a Canadian Business who we shop from due to allergies within the family. Just because you have nut allergies doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to indulge a little. Check them out at ... See MoreSee Less

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We have blank Julius K9 labels back in stock for Brian to customize for you. Bling’s harness was first to get personalized💜🐾 #4mymerles #customdoggear #juliusk9harness ... See MoreSee Less

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Timeline Photos ... See MoreSee Less

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Show us those puppies!!! #4mymerles #nationalpuppyday2020 #dogsofinstagram ... See MoreSee Less

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I know you guys have more videos of tricks you’ve been working on, especially this week! Share your video and don’t forget to vote and tell your friends to vote too 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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