• Warm Up and Cool Down of the Canine Athlete

Warm Up and Cool Down of the Canine Athlete


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Announcing the release of a new Book geared towards the Canine Athlete

Do you want to
• Reduce your dog’s chance of injury?
• Improve your dog’s sport performance, allowing their true potential to shine?
• Follow exercise principles based on SCIENCE and RESEARCH, taking out the guesswork?

Of course, you do! Think about all the things we buy or do to help our dog be their best…from massages to therapeutic coats to working with canine rehab specialists.  And those things ARE awesome, but here’s the thing:

There is a SIMPLE, FREE strategy so many of us fail to implement in our routines with our performance dogs.

It’s not shiny, it’s not trendy, there aren’t competitors flocking to seminars to learn about it.

But it WORKS and in fact it’s VITAL to include in your performance dog’s routine to ensure their longevity in sport AND to get the most out of the services and products you already use.

Here is it is… Are you ready?

WARMING UP before their training or trialing.

Top canine competitors consistently complete a WARM-UP routine that is SPORT SPECIFIC, uses three planes of motion, and follow RESEARCH-BASED guidelines on the ideal number of sets, reps, and intensity.

This evidence-based book includes:
• More than 15 sport specific dynamic warm up stretches
• A review of the research on warm-up and cool down guidelines
• Two sample warm up programs that put it all together for you so that you can start tomorrow!


Book Size if 6.5″ x 8.5″.