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Tukx Overshoe

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  • Compact carry bag included
  • Waterproof
  • Activewear
  • Ultra-lightweight (200g)
  • Fits sneakers and dress shoes
  • Unisex
  • Natural feel of wearing your own shoe
  • Foldable & portable
  • Rear opening for easy useProducts
  • Stretches up to 2.5 sizes
  • Universal right or left fit
  • Patented technology

SIZE GUIDE – Quickview

XS – Men’s shoe size (usa) 1-3. Women’s shoe size (usa) 2.5-4.5.

S – Men’s shoe size (usa) 4-6. Women’s shoe size (usa) 5.5-7.5.

M – Men’s shoe size (usa) 7-9. Women’s shoe size (usa) 8.5-10.5.

L – Men’s shoe size (usa) 10-11. Women’s shoe size (usa) 11.5-12.5.

XL – Men’s shoe size (usa) 12-13. Women’s shoe size (usa) 13.5-14.5.

XXL – Men’s shoe size (usa) 14+. Women’s shoe size (usa) 15+.

What is Tukx?

Tukx is footwear designed to be worn over your everyday shoe in all weather conditions. It provides complete protection of your shoes, socks and pants from rain, snow, slush and general wear and tear.

When is Tukx meant to be worn?

It is meant to be worn in all situations where your shoes, socks, and pants need protection and/or added traction and grip. Commonly, it is worn in harsh weather conditions such as snow, ice, slush, rain and mud to provide said protection and traction to traverse in these conditions.

Are Tukx produced for women’s wear?

Yes. Tukx are a uni-sex product. As well, children of certain sizes will fit into the extra small and small size. Please see our Size Guide, under the PRODUCT DETAILS section. It provides sizing for men, women and children in USA shoe size measurements.

Do Tukx fit sneakers?

Yes. Tukx’s patented design allows you to wear the comfort and feel of your shoe choice during any season. Tukx fits with a variety of shoe styles including athletic/sneakers/dress/slippers/ and hiking shoes.

How are Tukx meant to fit?

Tukx fit snuggly against your shoe. Its patented design allows you to have the comfort and feel of wearing your shoe of choice.

Each pair stretches up to 2.5 sizes. When wearing Tukx, feel free to pull and stretch the unit, they have been robustly constructed to do so. The patented heel lock securly locks your shoe into place for a snug fit.

For example, using US men’s sizing: We suggest if you fall in between a small and medium size (6.5) or between a medium and large size (9.5), that you size up to the larger size, respectively.

How do I take care and clean my Tukx overshoes?
  • The simplest and most Eco-friendly way to wash your Tukx is to rinse it under a sink. With its waterproof exterior, any dirt or mess will quickly wash off. If needed, any standard detergent or soap can also be used.
  • As an alternative, Tukx overshoes are fabricated with materials that are machine washable-friendly. Simply wash Tukx using a standard detergent.
  • For best results, ensure your Tukx overshoes are unzipped beforehand and allow Tukx to air dry naturally. Alternatively, Tukx is dryer-friendly, please use a cool air setting.