• Back on Track Knee Brace with Velcro

Back on Track Knee Brace with Velcro


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Knee Brace with Velcro


The Knee Brace with Velcro has an adjustable strap across its upper edge. The strap itself is elasticised, and held in place by two Velcro tabs at each end. The strap can be tightened when exercising or loosened during relaxation. It may even be removed completely, for example when sleeping. As this product can help to disperse oedema and reduce inflammation, the adjustable strap can be quite beneficial in gradually readjusting the brace as your knee returns to normal.

Each side of the knee brace contains two soft steel spring supports which offer a certain amount of support and minimise the risk of the knee brace scrunching up in the crease of your knee.

Measure around patella, around thigh at 5″ to 6″ above the center of the patella

THIS IS 2 Braces in one package