• JUMBO MYOS Canine Muscle Formula

JUMBO MYOS Canine Muscle Formula


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The Jumbo Canister is perfect for families with multiple dogs. Equal to 4 of our signature 12.7oz Canister, this is a great option to buy in bulk and save!
MYOS has worked wonders for our dogs, and we are proud to say that thousands of dogs are experiencing the benefits of our unique product.
Simple. Natural. Proven. MYOS uses a single, all-natural ingredient called Fortetropin®. No additives or artificial ingredients. Fortetropin® has been shown in multiple clinical studies to accelerate gains in muscle mass, improve mobility and enhance recovery from injury.
Veterinarian Recommended. Veterinarians reported that older dogs engaged in more physical activity after consuming Fortetropin® and resumed certain activities that were thought to have stopped because of age.
100% Safe. Not only is MYOS safe for your dog, but it’s safe for you too. We wouldn’t feed our dogs something that we wouldn’t be willing to eat ourselves.