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INFINITYMountain™ Holder


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Made of sturdy furniture grade #PURPLE PVC, our innovative Mountain Holder is custom made to hold TotoFit Infinities in place but remain out of the way of the handler.  85 cm Infinity, 70 cm Infinity50 cm Nubby Infinity.

The INFINITYMountain™ Holder is unique in that the front ‘bar’ is inset so that our K-9 Kore Disk and BISkit™ tuck underneath the 50 cm Nubby Infinity.  No stumbling or dancing around poles across the front, either.  And the T-Connections on top of the upright poles improve the hold, won’t perforate the products or harm a dog if they slip onto them.

When put together, the holder measures about 67″ long by 20″ across.  This is designed specifically to work with the TotoFit INFINITYMountain™, and is not adjustable to fit other products.

AND it comes apart for easy storage

From the supplier of our PVC pipes and fittings: 

All of our products are free of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, etc.).  We do not use phthalates or any other resin boosters.”
 “All of our products are made in the US, and are considered non-toxic.”